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in the union has just decided it will not accept the obama care fix. in other words, you can't keep your plan if you live in california. and this puts another nail in the obama care coffin. just look at the brand new issue of time magazine. this is a domestic disaster. if you're the democrats, the question is how do you dig your way out of this. the temperatu democrats went on the offensive and eliminated the filibuster. republicans are furious at the nuclear option and ebl it wii b will move the courts way to the left. and it is all smiles on wall street. dow closed over 16,000. we'll look at what is keeping this rally going. all those stories and much more coming up on the kudlow report beginning right now. breaking news from california tonight. in a blow to president obama's proposed fix, california decides against any extension for about a million health insurance policyholders in the state. bertha coombs joins us with the details. >> it's controversial within california itself. they have voted against allowing health insurers to renew a million plans that have been canceled because of th
importantly, judges. it effective hobbled the effect to stop barack obama's nominees. get ready for a big change on the federal bench. more on the significance of that in a moment. america woke up to a new round of ugly headlines about obama care. for example, "the washington post" warned that obama care means some americans won't have access to top hospitals in the country. we're working on a special report on that for you tomorrow night. the san jose mercury news pointing out that the next problem may be keeping your doctor. the miami herald writing about how the obama care website needs more time and more money for it to work. in the niceal journal, a word of caution for democrats saying reason obama care delays could explode on them next year in the midterms. this week's cover of "time" magazine with an image of a smashed obama care pill. "time" magazine, folks and broken promise. fox news digital politics editor. i'm going to get to the blame game and the new strategy of blame everyone else but yourself in a second. but first, let's start with this move they did today effectively eli
is next. >>> another major delay for obama care and it just happens to push back the next round of enrollment past next year's elections. this is special report. >>> good evening, i'm sabrina in for bret baier. even if you believe in coincidence, our top story is a stretch. president obama decided to postpone next year's opening of health care signups ostensibly to give insurers and people more time to study options. the new date is after the -- chief white house correspondent ed henry has both sides. >> insuring that president obama and his fellow democrats will not have to defend a potentially messy 2015 health care enrollment right on the eve of the 2014 midterm elections, the administration today unilaterally declared sign-ups for the second round start on november 15th of next year. 11 days after the november 4th midterm elections instead of the originally planned october 15th date. republican charles grassley immediately cried foul. if premiums go through the roof the first year of obama care, no one will know about it until after the election. this is clearly a cynical po
. this is a man who called president obama un-american. and who compared the president's rise to that of hitler. but his feelings are hurt. and so are senator mcconnell's. >> if you want to play games, set yet another precedent that you'll no doubt come to regret, say to my friends on the other side of the aisle, you'll regret this and you may regret it a lot sooner than you think. >> democrats will regret this? this from the man who proudly declared that he wanted to make president obama a one-term president? and how about this? >> this action today creates a perpetual opportunity for the tyranny of the majority because it permits a majority in this body to do whatever it wants to do any time it wants to do it. >> a tyranny? really? just last month senator alexander voted to block this man mel watt from a position with the federal housing finance agency. he became the first sitting member of congress to be successfully filibustered since before the civil war. and yet senator alexander has a problem with tyranny? here's what republicans really don't like. by invoking this option, the president
the whoa nature of the obama economy and the degree to which the general -- is not creating the economic growth we would like? >> let's face it, the financial crisis was an unbelievable catastrop catastrophe. we've had many jobs of growth. i think the bigger issue is what is the changed role with the u.s. economy and global economy? that's something we have to make sure that people understand. when i talk to folks in delaware, how we can make businesses more successful frankly it comes down to the quality of the workforce. that's going on across the country. >> so from your perspective, how much of it is what you can do to make delaware competitive, and how much of it is caught up in this large i national economic challenge? >> i think to some extent the rising tide lifts all boats, but that being said, i don't think you'll find any governor prepared to sit back and wait for the national economy to get better on its own. we compete with each other all the time, but it certainly helps when the overall economy is growing. >> scott, the republicans here in washington, d.c., they're actually
around the country, and obama care is just not working. this guy is back. darrell issa. iffit not the irs, if it's not benghazi, well, it is obama care. chairman of the house oversite committee, and has done everything in his power to diminish the president, the health care law, everything. so now he's taking his obama care smear campaign on the road. and that is exactly what it is. basically, darrell issa, he doesn't have camouflage on. but believe me, he's on the hunt. the oversight committee is doing a series of field hearings, called obama care implementation. sticker shock of increased premiums for health care coverage. cute, isn't it? it's fair to call this a total traveling circus mess. the hearings, well, they're going to be held in north carolina, georgia, texas and arizona. exactly none of these states have set up a state exchange. and we all know the challenges of states that have not bought into obama care. kind of funny how that works, isn't it? make no mistake. these hearings will not be fair, and they won't be balanced. that's right. they're not going to be balanced. they a
obstructionism. but with this president and administration, now in a web of historically is and mr. obama in a ratings free fall, today's filibuster busting vote may be as much about changing the subject and diverting media attention. i am lou dobbs. ♪ good evening, everybody. senate majority leader harry reid going nuclear today. the upper chamber voting to eliminate the 60 vote threshold for presidential nominees and for ed day, at least, president obama had a bright, shiny distraction to keep the national media from the train wreck that is obamacare and the pile of white house lies that seems to grow with each passing day. the biggest of those lies quite possibly the nearly 40 times the said to me if you would like your health insurance and you can keep it. but there are so many lies to consider. that says the obama white house apart from its predecessor. there lies were considered in many cases brought down possibly fewer in number. president george w. bush invaded iraq to destroy the weapons of saddam hussein, weapons that were never found. president clinton once famously said, i d
alert. new evidence that the obama administration hadte fears abou the >> these documents released by v the house energy and commerce committee, the gop panel that had oversight over obama care when it was snaking its way we through the congress. among those on the sending and receiving ends of some of these e-mails were henry chao, the project manager for the websitel and also todd park, the chief technology officer at the whitea house. on one e-mail, sent on september 26 of this year and received by, henry chao among others, an official described how quote, oe wednesday, 9/25, the test finished with a lot of errors. the individual app, and w everything started failing. he went on later in the wednesday evening we ran two more cycles of testing. c neither was successful. the next day chao wrote to staff in all caps, i do not want a repeat of what happened when had a this is to get your attention it i didn't have it already. and just three days after that, todd park, again, with the whits house, e mailed his team, massive k
early this morning. president obama ordered flags lowered at all government buildings to honor kennedy's memory. at this hour 50 years ago, president kennedy was in ft. worth on the third leg of a politically tricky texas trick. he was greeted like a rock star as he met the crowd outside the hotel texas that morning. >> there no faint hearts in ft. worth. >> what did you think of him? >> i thought he was very distinguished. >> i think he is just so distinguished and so intelligent and i'm so happy i got to see him. >> what are do you think of the president? >>. >> i think he's a wonderful man. >> after that the president and vice president johnson headed to a chamber of commerce breakfast. the first lady joined him. from there they headed to dallas. the kennedys were behind schedule when they landed at 11:44, but they took time to greet another unexpected crowd at the airport. the rain had just stopped and the secret service decided to take the bubble top off the limo. >> the president's car is turning on to elm street and it will be a minute before he arrives. it appears something has
." breaki breaking news on obama care. now extending the enrollment from december 15th to december 23rd in order to get coverage by january 15th. this just happening moments ago. yet another delay now for obama care. the administration postponing the 2015 enrollment period until after the midterm elections next year. that announcement came yesterday claiming it's going to give them more time to study their options. skepticism is running high on capitol hill that it's all about politics right now leaving white house press secretary jay carney on the hot seat scrambling to explain what the heck is going on. chief white house correspondent ed henry at the white house with more. ed, the white house is accused of playing politics with all of this shifting of dates, aren't they? >> that's right, gretchen. republicans like chuck grassley jumping on this and suggesting for the white house this far in advance to say they're pushing back enrollment for 2015 which was supposed to start in early do mid october of 2014 is not going to be pushed back to start in mid november of 2014. the white house
they can to deny the fact that obama was elected and then reelected. >> reporter: translation, gop obstruction is unprecedented. to back pup, democrats point to statistics from the nonpartisan congressional research service. in the history of the country there have been 168 filibusters of presidential nominees. about half, 82, happened turk the obama administration. >> in summary, this is a power grab. >> reporter: angry republicans don't necessarily dispute democrats' statistics about nominees they have blocked. inted they point to how many judges they have confirmed. 215, and rejected five. the president who opposed to their tag particular as a senator changed his tune. >> the vote today is an indication that a majority believe that enough is enough. >> reporter: when it comes to the fight that democrats call the last straw over vacancies in the d.c. circuit court of appeal, the republican leader argues, democrats are manufacturing a crisis to distract from the obama care debacle. >> a fake fight over judges that are not even needed. >> reporter: democrats say that they get that
from obama care, but on this program, nothing will stop us from getting to the truth on both issues. we'll talk about that in just a minu minute. but first, this is what is ahead tonight on "hannity." undercover video captures an obama care navigator offering up your personal information all for political gain. new, incredibly disturbing knock out assaults all caught on tape. as this deadly game, could it be coming to a town near you? >> there was no sign at all my dog was off leash running around. >> a blind airline passenger was kicked off his flight because of a service animal and is here to tell his emotional story. all of that plus juan williams takes us inside his meeting with president barack obama. "hannity" starts right here, right now. >>> earlier today in a blatant power grab senate democrats eliminated filibusters for most presidential nominations, a radical move, senator harry reid, vice president joe biden, former secretary of state hillary clinton, even president barack obama himself all blasted it a few years ago. watch this. >> i rise today to urge my colleagues to thin
and credibility with the public, which bush did in 2005 and president obama is now, they're toast. especially in their second term. really no history of a president in their second term having come down this far ever having come back up. >> the dream of obama care going down the toilet faster than the liquid plumber assist. that was for greg. >> so this new news that they decided they're going to delay the second year of the obama care signups, until two weeks after the midterm elections, i would say that's probably sleazy cheap politics as you get. >> it's not very subtle. >> they've been saying this isn't about politics. it's about policy. it's about providing health care. but then they pull this and you realize that's all they're doing. they're trying to save some face instead of realizing we made a mistake and we have to start over. >> no surprise this happened. we were predicting it. they weren't ready to go. and now this just seems like more and more a pipe dream. >> i think it spells out several things. when mark halperin says democrats are freaking out, i think if you look at the arti
ability to exercise what little power it had left, to block president obama's judicial nominees. frustrated with the g.o.p.'s long list of obstructive judges and agency heads, the move by the democrats upended 225 years of senate history, and significantly alters the day-to-day operation of the upper chamber. we'll talk about it all on this edition of "inside story." but fist this background. >> the american people believe congress is broken. the american people believe the senate is broken. and i believe the american people are right. at the start of the session, harry reid made history, and called for a rule change that would allow an up or down vote or judicial nominations and executive decisions. >> the change would ensure nominations and up or down vote, on confirmation. yes, no. the rule change will make all nominations other than the supreme court a majority threshold vote. yes or no. the senate is a living thing. and to survive it must change as it has over the history of this great country. to the average american, adapting the rules to make the senate work again is jus
. the interesting thing, among many interesting things in the book, we talk about obama/walker voters in the end. there were literally one of six voters in my state who voted for me who planned to vote for barack obama which politically doesn't make a lot of sense. >> in the recall? >> in the recall they voted for me, then they were planning a few months later in 2012 to vote for the president, which we talk about in the book, the reasons for that. because in both cases, to that middle undecided voter, we made the case based on leadership and they were hungry for it. >> let's talk about something you have been outspoken about recently, the affordable care act, obama care. you don't care for it. you think it's bad but in your home state, you are trying to do your own health care reform, badger care, and critics have said that you're trying to have it both ways because one of the ways you make badger care work is by having 80,000 people currently on medicaid go into obama care. so what do you say to critics who say you can't have it both ways, you are either for or against it but you can't be agai
, the chamber is in fear of a meltdown. president obama heralded the change. >> people should vote their conscience, on behalf of their constituents. they should vote. that's what they are there to do. >> the president accused the republicans of abusing senate rules. >> a determined effort to obstruct everything, no matter what the merits to refight an election is not normal. >> there were three votes on obama nominees to the d.c. court of appeals. republicans blocked them all. the change means a majority of 51 senators can confirm all presidential nominees except to the supreme court. before today the number was 60. republicans called it a power grab. john mccain quoted the words of barack obama in 2005 when he opposed a change. >> if the right of free and open debate is taken away from the minority party and the millions of americans who ask us to be their voice, i fear partisan atmosphere in washington will be poisoned to the point where no one will be able to agree on anything >> today's move had results. the nomination of patricia millet moved forward with 55 votes. with the p
-american, black beple, in our country will crazy surprised when obama comes out with a turban on his head. i believe that this man is not black. >> you believe he is not black? i guess we will not find out. thanks for your calls. next i will tell you about tomorrow morning on washington journal. we start the day with a look at the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy in dallas. we start the day with david hawking's on the washington journal talking about how the white house prepared for kennedy's the funeral. richard rees will talk about the legacy of john kennedy 50 years after his death. and a family-friendly harvey oswald, the assassin, will be our guest tomorrow on "washington journal." the we take you to beginning of the debate on the senate floor over the change in senate old buster rules. -- senate filibuster rules. >> the american people believe that the senate is broken. i believe the american people are right. the united states has wasted unprecedented amount of time. as a result, the work of this country goes undone. congress should be passing legisla
>>> juan williams got a private meeting with the president. the obama care mess isn't about obama care at all it's about the united states being a bunch of jerks. he says the recession has made americans less caring of others. we see the needy becoming seedy. and that makes us hate obama care more. apparently this writer has never been to a church but he failed to see the dependency that hurts the needy most as government expands and opportunity dwindles. only the moron would think a solution to the welfare state is more welfare. we're still the most generous country ever. now thanks to obama care the ruse that government impacts -- our government is lessen forcing its favorite solution, more government one choice. fact is nothing good ever comes from coercion or you wouldn't need coercion and that includes charity, especially when those in charge are more charitable to themselves than to others. i didn't sneeze at all. hey, juan, are you there? >> i'm right here. i'm glad you're feeling better. >> actually i feel terrible. but when i see you my soul brightens up. you got an invit
. >> and what about then senator obama's view? >> the american people want less partisanship. in the majority chooses to end the filibuster and change the rules and put an end to democratic debate, then the fighting and bitterness and the gridlock will only get worse. >> by the way, the president was supporting, of course, what harry reid decided to do earlier today. this, folks, is amazing. threatening to go nuclear which both sides have done in the past and going nuclear are two different things. reid and friends may have won a temporary victory by changing the rules, but they also disrupted the checks and balances within the senate and ended up throwing gasoline on the brush fire of partisanship. >> this is not a very proud day in the history of the senate in order to distract attention away from obamacare the senate has just broken the rules in order to change the rules. >> and, yes, republicans may have lost a lot of their leverage today in the u.s. senate, but if they take back the senate on the heels of the obamacare implosion, democrats may regret going to death con 1. this rank power
of executive and judicial nominations. half of them have occurred during the obama administration. >> ifill: republicans disputed the numbers. minority leader mitch mcconnell insisted the senate has confirmed 215 of president obama's nominees and rejected only two. >> this was nothing more than a power grab in order to try to advance the obama administration's regulatory agenda, and they just broke the senate rules in order to exercise the power grab. so, i would sum it up by saying it's a sad day in the history of the senate. after today, advise and consent probably means to them 100% consent. >> ifill: democrats have threatened to change the rules before, but matters finally came to a head this week when republicans blocked three nominees to the powerful u.s. circuit court of appeals in the district of columbia. they include patricia ann millett, an appellate lawyer in washington; georgetown university law professor cornelia pillard; and federal district court judge robert wilkins. at the white house, president obama applauded the vote. he said both parties have misused filibusters over t
? this is what happens under president barack obama has never been done before in american history. there have only been judicial and executive branch filibusters on nominees since the '60s. but using them to make people wait years after they are nominated for something, before their nomination actually gets voted on, this is a new thing. this is a new thing. and the republicans the in the senate saved this one up for this particular president. on tuesday of this week, supreme court justice antonin scalia wrote this ruling, which allowed texas, basically, to keep shutting down abortion clinics in the state. the new texas anti-abortion law that it's already shut down a third of the clinics in that state, it's sort of on the bubble, legally, and the supreme court had to decide whether to put a hold on the law while it is being challenged or whether they would let the law go ahead. and justice scalia wrote this ruling saying, yeah, let that go ahead and shut all those clinics done in the meantime. those who disagreed were these guys. justice ginsburg, justice breyer, sotomayor, and kagan. the oth
presidential nominees in the history of the united states senate, half of them were against president obama's nominees. president obama welcomed the change. >> one of the president's constitutional responsibilities is to nominate americans to positions within the executive and judicial branches. over six decades before i took office. only 20 presidential nominees had to overcome filibusters . in five years, 30 treated this way. >> mitch mcconnell could offer nothing more than a threat. >> the friends on the other side of the aisle. you will regret this may regret it a lot sooner than you think. >> joining me, the columnist for "the washington post," msnbc analyst, alex wagner host of "msnbc's now with alex wagner." the threat by mitch mcconnell had me intimidated. i was like afraid what happens when the other side has the power. i recently came around. like the final few senators to the realization that of course they have got to do this. because in fact, when the republicans have power, and the republican presidency, the, democrats in the senate would not be attempting to use the filibuste
years of the obama presidency the senate held votes to end filibuster 79 times. that's already more than double the amount during president bush's eight years in office. the senate can now end the debate on executive and judicial nominees. there have been many blocks with a simple majority. however the new route does not apply to supreme court nominations or legislative bills. so it's fairly focused. while the move helps the democrats right now, that may come back to haunt them because they won't always be the case. yesterday majority leader harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell debated the merits of the vote. >> for the good of the united states of america. it's time to change. it's time to change the senate before this institution becomes obsolete. you don't have to like the laws of the land. but you do have to respect those laws. and acknowledge them and abide by them. is the senate working now? can anyone say the senate is working now? i don't think so. >> i realize this sort of wishful thinking may appeal to the newcomers in the democratic congress who served zero days in t
changed the rules of the senate, and in the near future it will allow more obama nominees for things like federal judgeships to get through without a fight. both parties have complained about the 60-vote rule, and while this change doesn't mean bills will pass because the gop controls the house, it is called the nuclear option for good reason and feelings are hot once again beneath the capitol dome tonight. to our chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd. and chuck, people are asking, they didn't know it could actually get worse in washington. it appears to today. >> reporter: it has. and look, this has been brewing for a decade. there was a time when a senator obama objected to republican plans to change the rules to help president bush get nominees through without a filibuster. now it's president obama praising senate democrats for doing this, and it's now senate republicans complaining. but as you just spelled out very well, the senate democrats changed these rules, and what it's going to lead to now is probably more acrimony. essentially what senate republican
. >>> president obama waking up with a new low in his approval ratings, just 41% of people in our polling say they like the way he's handling his job, that is the lowest it has ever been in the cnn/orc polling. >> the biggest drop in june from 53% in may to 45%, during new reports of the nsa spying and the irs targeting conservative groups. obama care may not be the biggest factor in these falling poll numbers. >> timing there really interesting. i want to bring in candy crowley joining us now live from washington. candy i want to shift gears a bit. today it is 50 years since the death of president john f. kennedy. we were just talking about president obama's poll numbers. let's look at president kennedy's numbers 50 years after his death, 90%, 90% of the people in our polling say they approve of his handling of the job. just 7% disapprove. is this all at this point just a function of nostalgia? >> well, that and the fact, this is a man who was not president even for three years. i think it was like november two years ten months basically, had he been president. so you know, in four years peo
occurred during the obama administration. it's time to change the senate before this institution becomes obsolete. is the senate working now? can anyone say the senate is working now? i don't think so. today, democrats and independents are saying, enough is enough. >> enough is enough. republicans, rather predictively cried foul, and with their ability to filibuster at will taken away, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell was left to cry obama care and threatened, you just wait. >> basically, this is all the same debate. and rather than distract people from obama care, it only reinforces the narrative of a party that is willing to do and say just about anything to get its way. if you want to play games, set yet another precedent that you'll no doubt come to regret. and i say to my friends on the other side of the aisle, you'll regret this and you may regret it a lot sooner than you think. >> president obama himself, a former senator and a dyed in the wool institutionalist, like his vice president joe biden, has been very reluctant to muck with the rules. and so today, he came before th
, president obama weighs in on the filibuster rule. we spoke with a reporter for some background. >> joining us from capitol hill, errett from politico. what brought here he read to this point where he felt he needed to change the filibuster rule? tell you it is unprecedented obstruction by the republicans specifically with the important d c court of appeals nominations. there were three blocked in thee weeks to argue that workload does not justify the confirmation that senator reed and his democratic caucus decided that republicans were just trying to keep obama from the filling of constitutional duties. >> this [floodgates. from this point on, will senator reed be able to bring those nominees in for a quick vote, for example? the would not say quick but 60 vote threshold has been eliminated and as soon as they change the rules they brought up a nominee and they got over the procedural hurdle with only 55 votes. they used the power very quickly. however, there are still very arcane procedural things that require long delays between votes and republicans refuse to give consent. things will n
, and that will eventually lead to higher interest rates. >> the obama rally's in full force. 2009. what happened in 2008? >> the election. >> yeah, that's right. here we are, baby. rich people are getting richer, though. that's the only problem. >> i know that's your new problem. >> here's my two anecdotes. yesterday, over at the gym trying to, you know, get rid of -- what's the name of that new issue? whenever i see that, i think -- >> what? >> well, i just, i was running yesterday. i'm going to get this down to where i look like bradley cooper or something. >> when you put on your jacket, i had no idea how much -- >> you wait until i have the six-pack, when i replace the keg with the six-pack. anyway, so, a guy says to me, joe, double, right? double. okay, that was number one. because if people are talking about bubbles, the bubble's not here. it's only when you're not talking about a bubble that it finally bursts. >> sneaks up on you. >> this morning, i have another ocd, and that is that i have to top off my tank. i need to get it all the way up so that it stays on full for, you know, h
. people went all out for that. >>> president obama will be in san francisco on monday to raise money for the democratic party and push for immigration reform. the president is set to speak at a fundraiser add the sf jazz center. organizers recently cut the price of some of the $1,000 tickets in half. that led to speculation that president obama isn't quite the draw he used to be. democratic activists say there were simply extra seats that became available for the now sold out event. >> great we are able to offer them for folks that want to see the president and want to support him but don't have a four figure event. >> there could be seats available but maybe president obama isn't the draw he used to be in the bay area. >> president obama also scheduled to make an appearance in china town. once again urging congress to pass immigration reform legislation. he is scheduled to speak at a business round table fundraiser. >>> the wind is blowing out there. i was leaving the caldecott tunnel this morning. and the wind gust blew my car and i was going into the other lane. drivers need to be
barack obama, are under regular attack from conservatives about being weak militarily, not strengthening the military of the country. and kennedy wanted to avoid that. but i do not know if anything happened between he and the president during that trip, but kennedy knew just as much as the french new about what was once french indochina in which we wanted the french out. but then to prove how tough we were, we went in there, and as colin powell years later said in another context, we broke it. we broke vietnam. jack kennedy, president kennedy, twice signed off on two plots in vietnam. once in august of 1963 and then again on november 1 of 1963 when we told the general in saigon that we would not interfere if they tried to overthrow, which they did immediately and killed him immediately. and all of this is forgotten in history largely because kennedy was dead weeks later. as the years went on, the war became more unpopular. some journalists would say kennedy intended to get out. maybe he did. but it is a hell of a lot easier to get in then get out of situations like that, as we have learn
change that all but ends the use of a filibuster to end most president nominations. president obama welcomed the shift but republicans are ward s precedent has been set. susan mcginnis is in washington with the details. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. this rule change is so controversial it's known in washington as the nuclear option. it basically removes the ability of the party to block fi filibusters. they say they have a hidden agenda. >> the ayes are 52, the nays are 48. >> with all but three members agreeing to the change they killed the filibuster in the senate. now the threshold to move a nomination forward drops from 60 votes to a simple majority of 51. >> the change would effect the nominations an up or down vote on nominations. yes, no. >> president obama says repuicans have used a record amount of filibusterslock his nominees. >> today's pattern of obstruction, it just isn't normal. it's not what our founders envisioned. >> but republicans say democrats are making this move to divert the public's attention of the botched rollout of the affordable care a
president obama's fix that would allow people to keep their health care plans saying all that fix does, is delay the inevitable. it's obamacare or nothing. that's right, obamacare. we still call it that, but the president and the democrats have changed their tune. listen to this. >> i like the term obamacare. we passed obamacare. yeah, i like the term. we passed it 'cause i do care. >> obamacare is on my list, i apologize mr. president, i use that with all due respect. >> obamacare. >> obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. i feel it's working well until they call it obamacare, they'll call it something else. >> they're losing their existing plans under obamacare. >> obama crash, obamacare. obamacare fiasco. obamacare fiasco. never ending obamacare fiasco. obamacare, obamacare. >> the affordable care act. the affordable care act. the affordable care act. the affordable care act. the affordable care act. the affordable care act as i call it and always called it. [laughter] you've got to laugh today is friday. the media changing its tune as well. the covering of time, broken promises. the cove
the record" right now. >>> this is a fox news alert. new and more evidence that the obama administration had fears about in the days leading up to the october 1st launch. fox news correspondent james rosen is here with the latest. james? >> greta, good evening. these documents released by the house energy and commerce committee, the g.o.p. controlled panel that had primary legislative oversight over obamacare when it was snaking its way through the congress. among thosen on the sending and receiving ends of some of these emails were henry chow, the project manager for the web site for cmf. the agency with oversight responsibility and also todd park the chief technology officer at the white house. on one email sent on september 26th of this year and received by henry chao, among others, an official at cmf described how, quote: on wednesday, 9/25, the test finished with a lot of errors. he continued the individual app. race and ethnicity transactions were taking a long time and eventually the system reached a break point after which everything started failing. he
and mitch mcconnell on the senate floor just before democrats laumplgd the nuclear option. president obama praising senate dems for dropping the bomb. >> the american people deserve better than politicians who run for election telling them how terrible government is and then devoting their time in elected office to trying to make government not work as often as possible. >> look now just a sampling of the headlines in this morning's both nuclear world. "republicans provoked nuclear option." and in "the washington post" republicans only have themselves to blame. the real fallout, though, everyone is just digging deeper into their bunkers. >> we had to change the rules now because the perpetual war on the executive branch and judicial branch are completely out of sync with our constitutional role of advice and consent. >> they decided to change the rules. i suspect that changes the senate in fundamental ways forever. >> it's not justappoint appointe appointees, it's the amount of time we've wasted. can it get worse? to be very honest with you, i really doubt that it can. >> only time will te
in the minds of those of you old enough to remember where you were 50 years ago. president obama is calling this a day of her membranes for john f. kennedy. the flag at the u.s. capitol is half-staff. a tribute to our president who died in dallas a half-century ago. this is the scene at arlington national cemetery. the final resting place for president kennedy and members of his family. we are focusing on both of these stories. we want to begin on the issue of the nuclear option. the senate action -- we want to hear from you. the numbers are on your screen. join us on facebook, send us an e-mail come a or send us a tweet. let's take a look at some of the headlines from the l.a. times. here in washington is the front page. the senate curbs the filibuster. that is the story above the fold. there is this from the dallas morning news. his courage still inspires us. the kids of 1963. this is available online at their website. story might imagine, the in the u.s. senate -- it eliminates filibusters on most nominees. here are the details. dramatic step the of eliminating filibusters for most nomin
to be used, i fear, to change the rules on consideration of legislation. >> reporter: for now the obama administration will get federal judges approved more quickly. if there is need for cabinet shuffle, it will be easier to appoint new people to the posts. at some points when democrats are out of power, republican leaders are warning they will regret this move. patti ann? jenna: mike emanuel, live in washington, thanks. jon: while the filibuster rule change in the senate might be a political win for president obama, at least in the short term, not much else seems to be going his way. two new polls now show his approval rating sinking to a new low. according to a cnn-orc poll, just 41% of americans approve of the job mr. obama is doing in the white house. 56% disapprove of his job performance the same story in a "fox news poll." 40% of those surveyed approve of the job the president is doing. 55% disapprove. let's talk about it with karl rove, former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush. he is also a fox news contributor and a man who knows better than mo
obama ma when he proposed such a change. >> it is the right of free and open debate is taken away from the minority party, and the millions of americans who asked us to be their voice, i fear that already partisan atmosphere in washington will be poison today the point where no country will be able to agree on anything. after the nomination, went forward with 55 votes. judicial nominees to each parties political base, and with the president sinking in the polls is roll out, republicans say the move was a blatant attempt to change the subject. >> millions of americans are hurting because of a laforceed upon them, and what do they do about it? laycock up some fake fight over judges. a fake fight over judges. >> now, here is the statistic that had the president and the democrats so frustrated. it is all about judicial nomination and some cabinet level appointees. but the service an arm of the congress has this statistic. out of the 168 motions ever filed in order to end a filibuster, 82 -- 49% of them, were made during the obama administration. just in the last 4 1/2 years. what about oth
. this is barack obama's new deal. and no way in hell he is going to give it the old heave-ho. why should he, not without a hell of a lot of fight, and a hell of a lot of money, likely your money, and our money, it is the law after all. a myriad of big government initiatives that did require a lot of fixes back then, and a lot of money back then, fdr was damn sure they would not be left dying even if that meant price tag to salvage them kept climbing, that was then this, is now, that is the real history with big government it never gives up, fdr was just better at it, don't believe me, believe fdr, he could not be here but his grandson could and is. this roosevelt era said this are government brouhaha too shall pass, this is james roosevelt, one of my favorite guests. he is a big ceo. he was among a select few powwwwing with president obama at the white house, maybe on this very subject. >> neil good to be with you. neil: i tell, you are not going to defund this or kill it or make a law illegal. so, it back to either how you make it better or a scrap it, come out with something else, it is h
with 51 votes snowed of 60 required. >> harry reid and president obama after the vote insisted the change was necessary to end what they called the republican obstructionism and get the government moving. >> today we are on the side of the problem solvers. everyone knows that what is going on is unfair and wrong. i'm glad we have changed it. >> the pattern of obstruction is not normal, notway the founders envisioned. it is not obstruction on qualifications. it's to gum up the works. >> an unhappy senate minority leader mitch mcconnell denied he was interested in retribution, but had a warning for democrats. >> you'll regret it, and maybe sooner than you think. i'm joined by washington d.c. by bill schneider, and sure r, senior fellow at the think tank third way. thank you both for being with us. bill, when we talked about this, it's an stream move. when we discussed it none of us thought it would happen this quickly. will there be an explosion of ill will that will deepen the party divide. >> it can hardly get more ill than this year. >> what we will see is guerilla warfare. republicans w
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